About Ricky 


Hello there! Thank you so much for visiting The Abundance Hub. I hope that you are learning from the articles, videos, infographics and more that I have posted here. I also hope that you are taking the time to engage with our network. If not, it is never too late to hit the forum tab and talk with the other users of this website. I believe that it is always a great way to engage, help, and learn from each other.  

My name is Ricky Santana. I am a businessman. I have developed a lot of businesses over the past 40 years. In doing so, I was able to help a lot of people, from my employees to the people in the communities that I have been working in and even down to the customers. The success in life that I have achieved is something that I want to also impart with you through this website.  

You see, I was born poor. My mother has always been ill as far as I can remember. It was only my father who was working and providing for the family. As early as 12 years old, I was already helping out and doing what I could to help my family. I never went to university and only finished high school. So everything that I know is a product of my experience, some have been taught to me by the wonderful mentors I have met in my life.  

This is why I want to give back and share with you the knowledge I have gained through the years. I hope that you will appreciate the things that I am sharing here and that you also learn from it. If you like what you read, feel free to share with other people as knowledge is always a wonderful commodity.