I have always believed that helping each other out is the best way to succeed. We get to learn from each other and be part of each others’ successes and failures. In doing so, our lives become a lot richer and our achievements more meaningful. It is for this reason that I have created this forum page. Feel free to post questions, respond, share experiences and advice and more. My only request is to please make the interactions here polite and engaging. No to rude, racist and sexist remarks please.  

Michelle, 25 

Hi Ricky and everyone. Thank you so much for creating the website and this forum page. I hope you guys can help me out. I am a PWD with no legs. But I am very able with my hands. I don’t want to be a burden to my family. I know that I am a good writer. So can you please give me ideas on how to make use of my writing skills to earn some money? Do you know of people who are hiring PWDs like me?  

Miriam, 40 

Wow, Michelle, you are inspiring. You are really thinking of your family despite being a PWD. I salute you. No worries, I will try to ask around in my network and get back to you.  


Michelle, I need some help for my business. I can offer you a remote-based writing project. Will you be interested in that? Just email me at  

Marc, 35 

Hi there Michelle! I am also looking for a writer for our home-based company. I hope that you can also send me a message. I like hiring inspirational people such as yourself. Please do contact me at  

Michelle, 25 

Oh, wow, thanks for the help and the job offers. I am so excited. Will be emailing you guys.